Comprehensive & Smart

  • Enhanced and automatic detection, classification and neutralization capabilities
  • Immediate detection, classification of drones and operators
  • Accurate direction, location, tracking of drones/operators
  • Smart COMJAM mitigation – Clean Spectrum and GNSS Jamming
  • Quick installation and easy operation - auto or manual
  • Friend and foe detection with capability to detect

Reliable Scalable & Modular

  • Ensures multi-layer detection
  • Customizable to meet user defined requirements
  • Premium and fully automated C2 platform
  • Day and night operating capability in urban, semi-urban and rural environments
  • Various installation configurations (mobile, stationery, portable, vehicular, hand-held, etc.)
  • Extended coverage range

Radar systems

  • Advanced 3D (X and S band)
  • 360° coverage with 30m up to >10+ km detection range
  • Detects >100 targets at a time
  • Automatic classification between drones and other aerial objects


  • Long range passive system for automatic detection and classification
  • Direction Finding (DF) and Drone Geo-location
  • Software-Defined Radio (SDR) wideband scanning and detection
  • Whole band coverage 400MHz – 6000MHz

RF/GNSS Jamming Systems

  • SMART jamming covering all operating bands
  • Clean spectrum jamming – not affecting other frequencies
  • Long range, omni-directional and directional antennas supported with advanced waveforms
  • Extendable to take-over and spoofing operations


  • Supports in visual detection, tracking and investigation
  • Available in both cooled/uncooled configurations
  • Automatic locking and tracking of the target slewed from radar

Hard Kill

  • High Power Microwave for neutralizing SWARM of drones
  • High Power Laser offering long range neutralization
  • Hunting Drone that can navigate in GPS denied environment
  • Pre-planned autonomous patrol missions that can operate at more than 140km/h
  • Integration with Air Defence Systems and Small Arms

Globally Admired Proven System

  • Currently deployed in India, Israel, North Europe, America and Africa
  • Field proven TRL 9 system MIL-STD-810-G compliant to operate in harsh environments
  • Developed local ecosystem ensuring local manufacturing and local support for seamless service and operations
  • Varied applications across critical infrastructure, sensitive sites and national borders